Get the best credit rate: compare easily

To get the best credit rate, you need an objective comparison of the credit rates of the largest financial organizations. But this is not enough, you must be very vigilant on the following points:

  • Use the legal rate: APR (Annual Global Effective Rate)
  • Be wary of inaccessible promotional offers
  • Trust only known financial organizations

Getting the best rate of consumer or real estate credit has no interest if the loan is refused after studying the file. We have therefore also put together in our credit comparison a system allowing us to obtain an immediate response, with no unpleasant surprises upon arrival.

NB: Our exclusive comparator not only makes it possible to obtain the classification of the best rates from the largest credit organizations but it also provides a response in principle in real time from the cheapest organization. This lets you know what better rate everyone can actually get.

Get the best legal credit rate (APR)

Get the best legal credit rate (APR)

The overall effective annual rate, in accordance with law L313-1 (implementing decree in 2011), includes all the costs included in a loan, including administration fees. It is therefore the rate that must serve as the basis for any credit comparison. Many comparators do not take this into account when presenting rankings that benefit them but not necessarily the customers. Before taking out a loan, it is always very important to check this APR rate.

Distrust of inaccessible promotional offers

It is very common to see offers of the “ rate from 1.50% ” or even “ 0% rate credit ” type, especially at car dealers. For all these offers, the mechanics are generally always the same:

The lowest advertising rate is only valid over a 12-month credit term. However over 12 months, the monthly payments of credit explode and it is very difficult to obtain the best rate in this case. For example, for a credit of 8000 USD, the monthly payments to be reimbursed will be more than 650 USD, which very few people can afford. But it does not matter, the “marketing” trap worked: the customer called and the advisor can then propose another offer over a longer period so that the credit can be accepted BUT the rate will no longer be at all even .

Trust only big brands

Credit scams are increasing with the development of the internet. And the operating mode is almost always the same: a person testifies to have been in great financial distress, no bank having wanted to lend him money. Or we make you believe that you will be able to get the best rate very easily …
A mysterious individual, Mr. X or Y, got him out of this bad patch thanks to a loan of 500 USD to 500,000 USD at a very low rate.

TOP 3 of the best credit organizations

TOP 3 of the best credit organizations

The ranking of the best credit organizations is quite variable because they all permanently offer thousands of offers. So there is not one from whom you can get the best rate systematically. Indeed, if we cross all possible repayment durations with all amounts and all types of credit, we get thousands of combinations.

And an organization can sometimes make it possible to obtain the best new auto credit rate but a catastrophic personal loan rate. This is the reason why, it is essential to compare. Our databases are constantly updated with all the latest offers from the largest credit organizations. To be able to propose a ranking, you have to average what has been proposed since the beginning of the year.