Virtual Credit Card: What is it and How Does it Work?

Rate this post Internet has become an indispensable part of our lives to the point that we do not take a step without resorting to this tool. Therefore, Mexican companies created a system to use the virtual credit card, which does not stop with the physical obstacles of the financial world.


What is a virtual credit card?

What is a virtual credit card?

A virtual credit card consists of an electronic payment method to buy online or by mobile phone. Depending on the bank you use this will indicate a series of steps to request your digital card.

Being virtual, it is only intended for online purchases. It will give you more confidence the fact that you should not share your personal data when shopping online.

These cards do not have the same conditions as conventional ones, that is, they do not have a magnetic strip. What they will have will be a card number, an expiration date and a control number . You may also be asked for security checks with the help of codes sent to your cell phone.


How does it work?

The virtual credit card will have the balance that you provide from your bank account. This is even an advantage because you set a line on what you are going to spend. Thanks to this reflexive and premeditated purchase system, you have more control over your purchases, reducing the possibility of borrowing.


Benefits of having a virtual credit card

Benefits of having a virtual credit card

Being completely digital, this card cannot be lost and you will never have to suffer the loss of the plastic. In addition, you will not have to worry about the security of your card, since it has all the protection mechanisms of a normal card.

Also take into account that being a card whose processing is free, you will not have maintenance costs or commissions for carrying out operations with it. What are you waiting for to obtain one?


What are the virtual credit cards in Mexico?

What are the virtual credit cards in Mexico?

Search in Mexico for the best alternative for you, so here are three options for you to be encouraged to get your own digital TDC:

  • Wisemoney Wallet: has an application to control your money. When you are backed by MasterCard you can choose to request a plastic and have it sent to your home, or use it in an intangible way.
  • The Mananga Rechargeable Panorte Card: Or through the MasterCard network and is issued by Banorte. To this card you can enter all the capital you plan to spend to use it through the network. A particular benefit is that you will get a $ 150 coupon for purchases on Amazon. eye! This is not a credit card, rather it is debit card
  • Wexi Credit Card : a card that can only be processed online and does not require you to present your credit history. It is backed by a Card and you can present it at any store in Mexico when the physical is sent to your home.

In conclusion…

If you hire a virtual credit card you will learn to manage your money in a healthy and premeditated way. Say goodbye to debts and give yourself the opportunity to use the new alternatives that banks give you to make better use of your money.

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